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 Workshop 'Spinnende Vrouwen'




A journey through the underworld through the ritual spinning .... Given by Linda Brakenhoff (you know her from Spingodin and Doula Praktijk Matres) and Mirjam van de Vrouwenrad and Donselaar - Applied Psychology



Linda speaks...

"The fairy tale Sleeping Beauty has been bastardized in modern times. The story has several variants, the least recent of which are less child-friendly than the Disney version.

In the earliest tradition, Sleeping Beauty's story seems to be a medieval literary construct, but there are certainly Germanic mythological parallels to be drawn. Particular in this context is the great role that spinning plays in the various variants of the fairy tale. Thus we can make a connection with the Vala / Wala / Weleda; women who practiced magic. They carried rods, which in shape are very similar to the sticks on which wool and flax were tied for spinning. Of course it is not entirely coincidental that practicing magic was seen as spinning threads, weaving carpets, creating and connecting destinies.


You can also see Sleeping Beauty as a journey, deep inside, in a deep slumber, under the veil ... We would like to take you along on this practical but magical afternoon ..


During this special workshop we will learn to spin ourselves: old-fashioned, with a spinning top. With a tuft of wool and a stick with a weight, we will make our own threads. After a short explanation we can practice, listening to one or two of the different versions of the fairy tale.

To get deeper in connection with Sleeping Beauty and the meaning of spinning, we then go into slumber together and spin our own magic… and hopefully not wake up from our journey 100 years later! "

What can you expect:


- borrow a spinning top for the afternoon that you can keep for € 10 each

- a piece of wool with which you can learn to spin and what to take home if you want

- a magical shade at noon by connecting our thread ritual with our intention (s)

- to connect with each other and with the All

- nice grounding exercises for afterwards and to take home

- an extra well-filled goodie bag

- a cup of tea and a tasty (vegetable) snack

- magical atmosphere

- fun, relaxation, learning something practical, being together and magic a place in our women's lives! Delicious right?

Note: We adhere to the guidelines of the RIVM that are in force at that time, this means that in good weather we try to keep this workshop outside in the stone circle De Negen, at an appropriate distance. We, and the Schaapshoeve, ask you to respect our decision in this regard.



Entrance: € 42, - paid in advance * (10 days in advance)
This includes borrowing the spinning top, the wool you can keep, a tasty snack and coffee or tea
* incl. VAT

12:00 - 17:00 (only 5 places left)

De Schaapshoeve, in Langenboom, Brabant 29 August 2020: Schaapsdijkweg 20, 5453 SE Langenboom

Specify by email, THIS IS REQUIRED:

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