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Our society is out of balance.
There is war, power, materialism, exploitation of the Earth, animal suffering, and so on. The world no longer respects the Earth, the animals, the plants ...

The role of the woman is related to this problem.
In today's society, too little attention is paid to the feminine (in women AND men). The emphasis is on patriarchal and hierarchical values such as achievement, strength, power and history written mostly by men and men occupying most political and religious positions.

The female share in our common history, art, literature, politics, religious life and many other areas of life, is still small. Today's society (in Europe) is out of balance and is not (yet) equal in terms of men and female (spiritual) values and energy.

In addition, many people are badly grounded. We live in our head and not in our stomach and heart. The balance is lost between thinking and feeling. Heaven has always been the ideal, Earth less important. We put ourselves out of season by lighting, 24-hour shops, food from distant countries and the burnout problem has never been greater.
We are out of balance, have no stop button, life should always be fun, dark is scary and death is the end.
We have forgotten that everything, including us, can be reborn in a different form as we see in nature and the seasons; it is always morning and spring ...
We have lost this wisdom and we are afraid; have placed the divine outside ourselves, forgotten ancestors, stripped nature of its holiness by making it makeable. Time for a turnaround. Time to get out of the head and into the body, out of the clouds and onto the Earth.
Time to remember old values from the Motherland in order to rebalance and regain confidence and to be connected with Creation.


My mission is to put the Sacred Feminine back on the European map after years of rule of patriarchal values, without disguise, without having to go into hiding, without demonization, in all her feminine glory, so that God the Father and God the Mother sit on the throne side by side and be in harmony or even intertwined in our society. A society in which religion is not only about men, but also about women.

My mission is to create a new world view in which unity is more important than hierarchical values ​​and in which we can move from the head to the heart and the abdomen and connect them. For a new world in which balance with ourselves, each other and nature is more important than materialistic, self-centered, power-based values ​​that unfortunately reign supreme today.

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My mission is to bring women and men back into contact with female nature and pre-indo-European culture, also known as "The Motherland". To accept feminine nature as it is, to re-appreciate the cyclic feminine in herself and other women and how to use it for different purposes such as creativity, social support, personal development, to create an equal society - a society in balance - to create in which man and woman are equal to each other.

My mission is to rediscover female esoteric traditions and to introduce them to women and to society in a modern - yet as close to the original - way as possible. The female tradition - which has been conveyed through symbols, stories, myths - is recognized again through the re-learning of thinking in symbolic language. In this way we can live less in the head but more in the gut feeling, which makes us more balanced.


It is important for women to be able to develop themselves within her own feminine nature, without having to measure and compare with men. She is different from the man, man and woman complement each other, like two pieces in a puzzle. Women are different from men and this should not be seen as a disadvantage. It is time for the woman to re-accept her feminine nature,
cherish, propagate and let the world around her do the same. That we can see salvation again
of the mutable of feminine nature, instead of demonizing it as in earlier times.
It is important to dwell on emotions and intuition, on the cyclic in all things, it is high time
to learn not to abhor change but to accept and integrate it as an opportunity
to transform and develop ourselves, man and woman. In order to reduce our fear of death,
to be more in the here and now, to express and respect our feelings, to learn to trust intuition,
to give creativity the space to live more in harmony with the nature around us and the
menstrual cycle can no longer be labeled as a taboo but to work together with it on the female
to be able to see energies that are released again as a way of transformation.

Not only for herself, but also for the community, the woman who is completely at home in it
her femininity, in my opinion play a major role. In the fields of politics, art, the
transitional moments such as birth and death, the environment and much more. All of these areas will
are automatically reformed the moment we as men and women recreate this spiritual nature
embraces and instead of patriarchal, one-sided, hierarchical structures, there is room for harmony,
equality and the values of motherhood are revalued.

The woman has partially lost her feminine (esoteric) traditions after all these years of
oppression and denial of feminine nature. But many fairy tales, myths and folk tales point
still in an esoteric, feminine tradition, using ancient symbols. They are our guide.
The woman needs her threads, as roots that give her support, on which to build, to lean, to support. Something that she can continue that the women in ancient times also knew, did, experienced, felt, which enabled them to understand the mystery of being a woman. Traditions and rituals with universal and timeless symbolisms are important for the female consciousness. They shape deep feelings and processes within the female psyche and through these traditions, ceremonies and (initiation) rituals she can reconnect with those old, almost forgotten, parts of the primeval feminine in order to return to her own feminine nature. come.

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