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Individual Consultation

Sometimes a whole coaching process is not quite what you are looking for.
Sometimes you just need some advice, a new look at things, someone you can share your story with, someone who thinks along with you and maybe with whom you can do an exercise together that takes you that little bit further.

An individual consultation means that we look at your issue or question in a one-hour session or using my oracle skills. It is targeted and can be personal, by phone or online (Skype / Zoom) and is for women AND men.
I can use tarot, runes, bone oracle, dream analysis, shamanic techniques in which I make contact with helpers or a walk in nature where She helps us to mirror your inner world.
I always give you something to continue with at home.
The conversation can be done over the phone, Zoom and the explanation of the oracle I often do via a recorded message on whatsapp, sometime video.

Are you short on money? Don't trouble yourself.
Just send me a message. We will find a way.
tel. 0614932229


Online Consult - 60 min:
€ 27.90

Personal consultation in practice in Haastrecht - 60 min:
€ 55.00

Question with the use of an oracle: tarot, runes, bone oracle or dream analysis:
€ 15.00


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