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Feminine tradition

The feminine esoteric line disappeared from the main stage long ago when the Kurgan tribes (Indo-Europeans) migrated to these areas. After that, Christianity with the witch persecutions also left a great mark on the divine feminine in our regions. Yet, mixed with all these religious movements and traditions, it has survived. Disguised, recognizable only to those who understood the symbols.

Being a woman


It is sometimes difficult for today's woman to recognize and honor her feminity. We live in a patriarchal oriented society that focuses on action, strength, performance, analytical and linear thinking. The qualities of peace, softness, silence, being, gratitude, intuition and symbolic thinking have faded into the background. For women (and men), symbolical thinking and intuitive is beneficial and brings her into contact with her own nature and those around her. This creates a deep sense of being, of feminity.



Shamanism and the ancestorcult is the oldest form of religion in the world. It is a way of life that is holistic and always strives for harmony between the self and the environment. Shamanism recognizes a God, a Source from which we all come, and also recognizes our diversity of expressions of this connection to the Source.
In this modern age, we have lost our spiritual connection with each other and with Mother Earth and shamanism is one of the ways we can walk to heal this connection.

The Mother Goddess


Long ago, people worshiped the Great Mother Goddess here. The many Venus figurines testify to this. The Goddess was the center of religion. She provided growth, new life and rebirth. The woman created life from her body and was sacred because her body followed the rhythm of nature and the moon. This mother goddess lived on in various goddesses and traditions of the people who lived here. She was not gone, she took other forms.

Cyclical living


The woman is a cyclical being from the moment she menstruates. In this way she differs from the masculine. Her body follows the rhythm of the moon, it renews itself every month. It is like the tide, like the rhythm of the seasons, it has the power to create and destroy, and thus of healing and regeneration. It is like a spiral that deepens with every rebirth, in which it finds wisdom and develops itself to the deep levels of femininity.

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