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4-evenings: Online Matronae training 2020


Four-day Online Matronae training for women and men

What do you get:

- An image of who the Matrons are and their symbolisms
- Knowledge and tips about rituals linked to the Matron cult that you can perform yourself
- Insight into the different guises of the Matrons, how they work in the world

around you, for you as a woman (or man), what their symbolisms are and how you become one

bond with this Goddess (es)
- Making it your own in a creative, earthy, shamanistic way

the aspects of the Matrons to get to know them deeper and your own

entrances to them

to work with them
- Enriching your own life with the help of the Matrons and their

qualities by involving them in your spiritual life and rituals
- Personal development through the Three Ladies and in combination with

psychology: Jungian approach
- Skills like oracles, receiving trance information, manners

of healing work, working with herbal symbols, making strength objects

and more..
- Learning about the history and background of the Matrons, the European Mother Goddess, the European female traditions and the story of our women from history (Herstory)
- Connection with other like-minded people, inspiring each other and a nice closing day in which you can be yourself and share your interests
- Make something tangible that has to do with the Matrons
- Practical exercises and the experiences that you can exchange in an online group
- Ask me questions online during your training process

Why is this for you?

- Because you feel the call of the Divine Feminine (as male or female)
- You want to know more about our own feminine history and especially the spiritual and traditional side
- You want to connect on a deeper level with the aspects of the Matrons
- You want to learn more about shamanism and how you can make it the connection to the divine feminine
- You want to learn more about yourself
- You want to connect with others and you want to be inspired
- You feel the deep need to discover your femininity (as a man and as a woman!)
- You want to better shape your connection with the Matrons at home
- You want to experience the deeper layers of femininity in a group in an intimate but earthly way
- you are interested in our Herstory, our female history, and you want to get started with this

This is not for you if:

- You are not open to any kind of spirituality or shamanism
- You don't want to leave your comfort zone
- You suffer from very intense psychological problems for which you are with a psychiatrist (send me a message about this if this is the case and you still want to participate, then we will see what we can do, also in consultation with your practitioner)
- You are not willing to check in online every day
- You do not want to look at the world with an open mind and you can open up to new ideas and concepts

The Matrons, the Matres, the Mothers. These are very old names for a female trinity that was revered in the past of northwestern Europe. Its roots probably go beyond this area. The Matrons were called the Mothers, the Donors, sometimes from a tribe, sometimes from a family and sometimes from a whole people. They were always three, usually the middle girl was smaller than the outer two. Sometimes they wore baskets of apples, sometimes they had spherical hats, sometimes they were addressed as a swamp lady or the great Donor, they received offerings from Romans, from Gallo-Romans, and from Germans and Celts, men and women.
Where did these ladies come from and why did they so revive in Roman times? What did these three ladies mean for the population and what can they still mean for us?


In a time where male gods and patriarchal values ​​often still predominate in society and also the spiritual experience, it is important to be concerned with the female spiritual as well. Not the masculine version of the spiritual, but the role and consciousness of the feminine. Based on the fact that the world consists of two poles, the masculine and the feminine, it has leaned too much towards the unbalanced masculine over the past few centuries, mainly in psychological areas such as cognition and unconscious patterns, the subconscious, where all action and behavior begins. Not only do women get dislocated, but men also have trouble keeping their own balance. We all have something feminine in us, and all masculine, but the feminine part feels a bit lost, we no longer know what she means and sometimes look at her with male eyes. Yes, women sometimes also look at the world with men's eyes. This is not a bad thing, masculinity and femininity are alike, but they are different and in my opinion it is important to create a harmony between the two, within ourselves and beyond, in order to allow a balanced male energy to coexist with a balanced feminine energy. From patriarchal and hierarchical values, more towards a collectivist and balanced society.

The Matrons are first and foremost Goddesses, entities, force fields, or symbolics, which stand for the special feminine cycle, spirituality, traditions and psyche. They can teach us a lot, along with their history and their rituals, about our female spiritual heritage in Northwestern Europe. Our feminine esoteric traditions have long been eclipsed and demonized. Unfortunately this is the way it is and I will not pay much attention to this but constructively weave the future with threads that originate from our female past. During this training I will take you through the aspects, rituals and faces of the Matrons and will introduce you to their energy and their force field (archetypal energy). We pick up old threads and see how we can weave them further in our present time and society, and with this we can revive our female traditions and enrich ourselves as human beings.
The training is very practical, because you not only want to experience something special during the training, but also when you go home you want to continue with what you have learned. I give you tools to develop your own femininity (yes also for men, and no that is not a sweet event) at home, to continue to connect with the Matrons and with these female traditions from our past so that you can bond with them you can enrich yourself with this and you can connect deeply with your feminine power.
In my work I use systemic / constellations work, shamanic techniques such as the trance journey, symbolics, visualization and meditation and models and techniques that I learned in my bachelor Applied Psychology. You don't need any prior knowledge, although some shamanic experience is an advantage. I also work from a shamanically tinted world view in combination with elements from the Jungian psychoanalytic perspective.

Program of the training:

Day 1:
Introduction to the symbolism, background and aspects of the Matrons. In this first training you mainly get a lot of knowledge at you in which you learn where the Matrons come from, who I am, how we are going to work, we are going to connect with each other and we learn more about shamanically oriented techniques that I use in the training. We make our first steps in the trance journey and provide a good foundation and grounding before we start working. Discovering your own connection with the Matrons is central. As homework you get to set up an altar for these ladies where you can repeat your exercises that you learn in the training sessions and you can also connect them to the Matrons at home.

Day 2:
Today connect us to the aspect of the little girl of the Matrons, she who sits in the middle. We focus on the history and symbolism of the votive altars and what we can deduce from this, we connect with our inner child, with the virgin, with her hair hanging loose and we look at symbols and traditions in our Dutch and European history that have to do with this aspect of the Matrons. We will take folklore, fairy tales and myths with us and we will connect with this and look at what these ancient symbols and rituals can give us in our current life and with which you can continue at home. We work with knowledge, insight and skills, you get knowledge, you gain insight through exercises and you learn skills how you can continue to practice your spiritual life path or as a person yourself in a deeper level here. permanently enrich or further develop.

Day 3:
This day is all about the aspect of one of the ladies sitting next to the Virgin, the young girl. The Mother, the Mother Goddess. You get information about Mother Goddesses in Europe, about the symbolism of the mother aspect of the Matrons, about her connection to the archetype the Mother from the Jungian perspective and we look at the Mother aspects in our own lives ...

Day 4:
The last day of the Matron series is about death and rebirth, about the Life-Death-Life goddess, the third aspect of the Matrons. We are going to talk about the Dark Mother, whether She who takes life but also gives, she who walks on the border, she who is about children and about the deceased. We look at what we know about this dark aspect of the Matrons, what the votive stones and oracle rituals can tell us, the urns, we look at the tradition of the dark divine feminine in Europe and our current society and how we ourselves here can do something with it. In this last training you will also get clear tools to continue working with the Three Ladies yourself, in different ways, whether spiritual, practical, psychological, etc. We reconnect with each other so that we also share a thread and do not lose contact after training.

After Aug 3, in sight of the release of the lockdown, we will have a Matronendag
at the Schaapshoeve in Langenboom , together with the previous one
participants in the Matron training and the participants who are still to come.
We conclude with rituals and with the presentation of your certificate.
The date will follow!

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Practical information

Price of the total online training (4 evenings):

139, - euro (incl. VAT) per person, this amount is

paid in advance as registration.
hen you the invoice within
your reservation is completely final.

It is not possible to follow the training separately ,

this is because it is a complete whole and that which

everything is related to each other.
The Privacy Statement on the website,
as well as the General Terms and Conditions apply.

How does it work:
I work with Zoom meetings for the online training, which is given
in Webinar style. This is free for participants and you can also do this
see each other and interact with each other.
You will receive exercises to do directly, but also a lot of homework, where you share your experiences on the online Facebook group and in the rounds during the meetings. If you have additional questions, I will assist you by phone or Zoom so that you can always contact me about bottlenecks. You will receive a lot of knowledge and practical tools to experiment with at home, and you will also make the Matrons tangible for creative on your altar.
We conclude this course on August 15 at the Schaapshoeve in Langenboom where you will receive your certificate and the blessing of the Three Ladies!
There is room for about 20 people (men are also welcome !!).

Location: At your home!

Day 1: Wed July 15, 2020
Day 2: Wed July 22, 2020
Day 3: Wed July 29, 2020
Day 4: Wed 5 Aug 2020

Times: 7:00 PM check in, 7:15 PM start - end 10:00 PM
How to sit: Nice clothes, a drum or rattle and a meditation cushion in a room where you will not be disturbed and a nice altar next to the laptop / computer ;-)

Registration for this training is necessary! do this via: or via the website / contact form of het Vrouwenrad.

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