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I am happy to give a lecture for groups, organizations and other companies. This lecture lasts between 1 and 2 hours and can cover the following topics:

- The Matrons
- Nehalennia
- European Shamanism
- Goddess worship in Ancient Europe until now
- The female cyclical nature
- Primal Female traditions
- Female symbolisms
- Rituals around dying
- the Twelve Holy Nights and Vrouw Holle

During the lecture I always give several practical tips on how to get started with this theory or findings. Therefore, take your notebook to the lectures if you want to continue with the topic below.



Training and workshops

I also provide workshops and training courses that are more focused on (learning to) put the knowledge into practice. This is extremely important because we want a living female tradition and not a theoretical one. In the training courses I provide tools to, for example:

- Get to know your female cycle better and work with it and live in a harmonious way
- Workshop "Season Wheel" Celebrating the change of seasons and working with it within the North West European female traditions, and how to adjust our lives to these cycles
- Workshop "make your own goddess prayerbeads" or "make your own Moonbeads"
- Training "In contact with the Great Mother". Training to restore / strengthen the connection with the divine feminine
- Singing workshop, in which we will connect with our core and nature by working with sounds
- Connection to the country: workshop to strengthen our bond with the country on which we live
- Ancestry Workshop; in this workshop we will work with the contact with our ancestors and especially our ancestors
- Workshop Rauhnächte (Rough Nights): the special time during the midwinter period that brings us closer to our feminine nature and we get to know Vrouw Holle
- Workshop Utíseta: the art of 'sitting outside' and communicating with the ancestors and the country (experience in shamanism required)
- Womb healing workshop

These training courses can be requested, but data will also be available online in the future. So keep an eye on this website.


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