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Shamanic Healing

Shamanism is about balance and the restoration of balance.
In my opinion, shamanism is meant to be used for this purpose; to restore the balance within yourself, between you and others and the world around you. For me, shamanism is about trying to live as harmoniously as possible, in the broadest sense of the word life.
To live a shamanically, we acknowledge that everything is animate and has a consciousness, although different from ours. Therefore, we also recognize that we are more than just a body of flesh and bones and that there is also a soul, spirit and non-physical bodies. This is reflected in different religious cultures all over the world, we are a whole of different parts and energies that are interconnected and interact with each other. We are a holistic being, we are more than our bodies, more than our brains. In shamanism we recognize that there is more than meets the eye or science can determine (for now), though we are not against science.

Shamanic healing is about restoring the balance between different parts of ourselves. Absolute balance is not possible. A relative, healthy dynamic that strives for balance, however, is. A smooth, joyful dance between light and dark, male / female, death / life, holding / letting go ...


Shamanic practice of my teacher shaman Morsuk

In a healing session, everything can come up, in different areas, such as psychological problems, emotional or physical disturbances. Often people come to me when other ways have not worked sufficiantly or in combination with a regular trajectory, and want to use shamanism as extra support for this. So I am not a substitute for a doctor or psychiatrist, and will certainly refer you to one if I think this is necessary and / or if I am not the right person for you to help. In addition, I do not work with too severe problems such as cancer, intense mental disorders or depression. For example, I do work with excessive tensions, annoying conditions such as eczema, allergies, skin complaints, trouble sleeping, burnout, pain complaints and fatigue.



At the moment I specialize mainly in women's work and everything related to it, psychological and physical:

- Reduced fertility
- Unregulated cycle
Painful bleeding
- Hormonal imbalance
- Worrying
- Disconnection of feminine intuition and feeling
- Badly grounded / not grounded / feeling floating / anxious
- Lack of personal strength
...and more.


Shamanic healing looks at multiple components in the healing process and can be a good addition to existing treatment at the doctor or psychologist and is completely safe. Often a healing consists of a ritual in which there is cooperation with the helping spirits, mine and yours and in many cases these are ancestors, in the case of women's work: foremothers.

Things that I pay attention to in this form of healing:

- Energy blockages in life-energy (comparable to the chakra system)
- Psychological or emotional causes such as old pain (which can then be released)
- Balance male / female energy
- Blockages in feminine power
- Problems in the ancestral line

What we can do:

- Release of blockages of life-energy
- Letting go of heavy energies from the past through rituals
- Restore balance by focussing on feminine energy
- Opening the feminine power
- Individual Rite of the Womb (Womb healing)
- Healing the ancetral line (working with female ancestors)




This may sound vague, but in reality it is often very logical, accessible and down-to-earth. You most of the time also get something from me, an amulet, or an exercise that you can do at home or another object to continue working on recovery yourself.
A session usually lasts 1.5 hours, I often ask in advance if we can call about what's troubeling you. Of course everything is and will remain strictly confidential. Sometimes I do something for you in my own time, do a ritual for you, or make something for you to work with. This is all inclusive.

If you are interested, send an email or give me a call to just see if I can do something for you. This is also possible purely online.
Intakes are always free. This healing does not have a specific price but is based on donation, we agree together on what is pleasant for both of us / you found it worth it / you can spare.

Good fortune and prosperity: white ways!

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