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Full Moon - Firerituals



Since I was 12 years old I celebrate the annual festivals and I work with the moon. Since my 20s I have been involved in shamanism, especially its northwest European variant. Now, with my other trainings and with my workshops, I notice that the basis from which I do my work has a shamanic layer that not everyone is familiar with but that is in great demand and which is also suits our feminine heritage. Shamanism brings us closer to nature, to our ancestors, to Unity and gives a deep connection with each other, our soul and our environment.
I had been thinking about doing this for years, but now the time was right and I would like to share the roots - on which I build - of my work with others, so that they - and with me - can continue to grow. That is why I want to give a basic course in shamanism for anyone who wants to master the basic principles and techniques in order to enrich their own lives and perhaps their work, and to learn more about indigenous traditions.


I myself have learned my basics in shamanism and seidr from fine and special teachers such as Linda Wormhoudt, Susanne Hazen and Astrid Klijzing, Peter de Haan, Frigga Asraaf, my dear friend Erika and Klara Adalena. I am very grateful to them for everything that I have learned and that I have been able to master and continue to build in my own way.

I really do not have all the knowledge and truth in my possession, but what I know, I like to transfer to others .....


The basic course is a 6-part course of Sunday afternoons and teaches you about the following topics (not in order):


- the Wheel of Life and Web of Life

- Soul (your own souls and that of everything around you)
- find your helpers and build solide contact (power animals, ancestors, gods, etc.)

- trance work, singing, rituals and head-heart-belly/womb connection
- cleansing, earthing and protection
- Native traditions and gods and goddesses





We work in a small group of people and you get to work with the techniques yourself. I give each lesson a piece of theory and knowledge (roots) with which we will practice (trunk) to learn skills and finally I give exercises home (canopy) to gain further insight about the learned and to integrate it ( whole tree). My shamanism tries to stay as close to home as possible, so you learn a lot about what was done here in the Low Countries, with trips to other countries around us to get a broader perspective and to learn more about ourselves. You bond with the country you live in and the energy here in the Lowlands.



What can you do after this course?

After this course you will master and know the following techniques and knowledge:

- You know what the wheel of life is, you know the segments of the wheel in the native atmosphere and you know about lowland rituals and traditions that suit the parties of this wheel and what you can do it in your own way
- You can connect with your own soul(s), listen to it and work with it and connect with the soul of others (people, animals, plants, stones, etc.)
- You have built up a bond with one or more helpers
- You can put yourself in trance by means of vocals, drums or other methods and know how to connect your head with your belly to gain access to the heart
- You know how to shape a shamanic ritual
- you know how to energetically cleanse and protect yourself and how to create a sacred space for a ritual or healing work
- you know native gods and goddesses and how to connect with them if you want
....- many other personal goals are discussed, because every month we also deal with personal questions and goals.



What do you get during and after participating in this course?

* a deep sense of being rooted in this place, in this country, in the low countries, whether you were born here or not doesn't matter
* an intimate connection with others from this group, like-minded, in which you can keep in touch in an app or facebook group during your practice periods between classes
* time for yourself and your own development, tailored to each month
* connection with your ancestors
* insight and connection with your own traditions and their contemporary applicability
* a deep connection with the earth and animals and plants
* a physical and energetic renewal through the cleaning techniques you learn
* you can better arm yourself against negative energy and you can stay more in your center when violent things happen
* you will realize that you are never really alone
* rest and relaxation on a deeper level

* a nice certificate as proof of participation
...... and of course much more that we can not say anything about now but which often lasts a long time ........





With stuff like this, the list fills up quickly and I only have room for about 10 people, so I advise you to sign up now and put it on the list so you can be sure of a spot!

The lessons cannot be taken separately and of course you can pay in installments, these are 4 installments spread over 4 months. If you can not find a date, this can be filled with homework. You may miss 2 lessons. You can also miss several, but unfortunately you will not receive a certificate.

Fun fact: for every training that starts, including this one, I plant 8 trees!



Where: het Vijfde Huis, Livingstonelaan 54 in Gouda.


Coming soon - 2021

What time: 12:15 walk-in, 12:30 start - until - 5:30 PM (5 hours total per lesson, plus homework)

Price: 430 euros inc. VAT, including some materials and coffee / tea and some goodies (vegan) and a certificate as proof of participation and successful completion of the course. Note: you do not become a SHAMAN, you become a person who can master the basic techniques of shamanism; a shamanic practicioner. I don't give titles and there is a very big difference between traditional shamanism and shamanistic techniques (sometimes also called core-shamanism after Michael Harner's method).


Sign up by e-mail:


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